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Taiyaki and Imagawayaki

Pancakes and waffles – Japanese style?

These are the popular desserts or snacks.  We usually buy them at the stores  near the train stations, or at the supermarkets, malls, or during Japanese festivals.

Tai is the Sea Bream- the fish…ok?
Yaki – if you remember, means- to grill or bake…
therefore, taiyaki literally is “baked sea bream” .
Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans.  Other common fillings may be custard, chocolate, or cheese.

The new ones are more like hot sandwiches with ham, cheese, sausages, potato, and more.

Traditional Azuki- red beans Taiyaki

Taiyaki is made using regular pancake or waffle batter. The batter is poured into a fish-shaped mold for each side. The filling is then put on one side and the mold is closed. It is then cooked on both sides until golden brown.

According to Wikipedia, Taiyaki was first baked by a sweet shop Naniwaya in Azabu, Tokyo in 1909, and now can be found all over Japan, especially at food courts of supermarkets and Japanese festivals.

New flavors like caramel almond the mall

They are similar to Imagawayaki which are thick round cakes also filled with sweet azuki bean paste, white beans, or custard.

It is a Japanese dessert often found at festivals. It is made of batter in a special pan (similar to a waffle iron but without the honeycomb pattern), and filled with sweet azuki bean paste, although it is becoming increasingly popular to use a wider variety of fillings.

Azuki red beans and white beans fillings

Imagawayaki has various names by areas and eras.

Both Taiyaki and Imagawayaki are best right from the grill.  Whaaa Oishii !  Tabetai ! (I want to eat !)

My favorite, red beans with a big chestnut inside.

Thank you Pomme Frite for this video:

YouTube Preview Image

18 comments to Taiyaki and Imagawayaki

  • Hello! Tell us how to prepare dough for baking these fish?

  • Farah Farah

    You may want to see the video how they make it… but you can buy the ready made- red or white beans to put inside the taiyaki… How to make video

    Ingredients for Taiyaki
    (5 pieces)

    – Taiyaki Batter –
    100g Cake Flour (3.53 oz)
    2/3 tsp Baking Soda
    2 tbsp Sugar
    1/2 Egg (30g/1.06 oz)
    100ml Water (3.38 fl oz)

  • Kai

    May I know what flavor is the yellow-colored filling?

  • Farah Farah

    Kai, hello, the white one is white beans filling, the yellow one is custard filling. The other one has chestnuts… :) thank you for dropping by.

  • Sarah

    They sure look awesome! :)

  • Yoshie

    Do you know a recipe for imagawayaki??

  • Mary

    Where can we buy these machines?

    • Farah Farah

      Mary, where are you writing from? Is this for your personal use? or business? The size of the grill will depend on your purpose… surf the net, and search for obanyaki machine. Thank you.

  • Xuan Nguyen


    I’m living in USA. Please tell me where can I buy the obayaki machine and some utility which used for obanyaki.. Since I want to operate the bakery shop in a mall.

    Tks you so much.

  • Farah Farah

    Thank you for your comment… am sorry but I do not know where to buy them in the USA, please check my comment above for Mary… good luck. I hope you find some.

  • Mary

    Hello. Can you tell me what kind of cheese in used in imagawayaki? Thanks so much!

    • Farah Farah

      You can use any quick-melt cheese I guess…but even cheddar would taste could I think… it really depends on how you like it. There is no specific cheese for this… I have tasted some variety …. hope I answered your question… thanks for dropping by.

  • chris

    Where to buy the taiyaki machine online?
    thanks. hope you can help me.

  • Hi Farah

    Thank you so much for this post. I have bought a round Imagawayaki maker like this one: it’s round but the cups are copper or brass not teflon and we’re having trouble with the batter sticking to them. Also our Imagawayaki aren’t firm and crispy they’re softer like an American style pancake.

    I was wondering if you know if this recipe is the same as what they use on the street stalls and do you know what kind of oil or grease they use?

    I found Imagawayaki in Taiwan and loved them so decided I would start a stall myself in my hometown but we haven’t been able to get them perfect so any help or advise is much appreciated!



    • Farah Farah

      Thank you. It is so nice that you have bought a Imagawayaki maker. Am sorry but I do not know their recipe. Try to increase your flour, or make the batter a little thicker.
      Here is a simple recipe I saw online… Ingredients: 1 egg, 150 ml milk, butter about a tablespoon, vegetable oil also 1 tbsp., a little sugar (about a tablespoon or 1.5) , hotcake mix 200 grams, 5 grams baking powder…
      Try it…

  • joven

    I really like this Taiyaki, unfortunately there’s no seller here in our area in Philippines since it’s not very common to us.. I have tried to search online sellers for taiyaki machine, but I’m just worried about our Custom’s process due to some anomalies issues.

    Part of my plan is to sell also Taiyaki here in front of the school children, i really believed this is cool for kids..

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